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Students in drama club attended the Thespian Conference in Columbus, Ga.

The LHS Drama club attended the Thespian Conference, ThesCon, in Columbus, Ga on Feb. 9-11. At this conference, students were able to see numerous productions from high schools around the state.

ThesCon offered various workshops to choose from such as acting, makeup, musical theatre, backstage, creative writing, leadership and many others. Dance classes were taught by former Rockettes and an African Tribal dancer, Mama Yeye. Attendees also had the opportunity to “perform or view individual performance and tech events, audition for scholarships, talk to college representatives from around the country, shop with commercial vendors selling theater merchandise, and hang out with 4,000 other Georgia Thespians,” according to gathespians.com.

“We saw a ton of performances done by many different schools including the show Memphis which was a very well done show. We also had a fellow student in Memphis, Bryce Mixon,” said Riley Davis, junior.

Some of the awards students could earn superior ratings in were Outstanding Student Achievement Award,  Hall of Fame, Administrator’s Award and Outstanding Theatre Educator. Each school was also able to create a team of five for Improv competition, which contained a series of three games that were judged by the Improv judges. The team with the highest accumulative score was announced at the end of the session and received a prize.

LHS competed in three different individual events (I.E.). The first competition was a co-op performance with Cook County of Magic To Do from Pippin. The second was an all male performance of There is Nothin’ Like a Dame from LHS Off Broadway’s upcoming show, South Pacific, which will be performed in the lecture hall March 9-11 at 7 p.m. The third performance was an all female number called Somebody to Love. Lowndes Drama Club received excellent ratings in all three events.

“At ThesCon, I learned that you shouldn’t care what other people think about you. If you have an audience or if you don’t you should just be yourself because that’s the best reaction anybody can get,” said Ashton Brown, junior.