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Defeating the Blue Devils

The LHS basketball team played one of their big time rival, Tift County High School, on Jan 20.


The Varsity boys defeated Tift County with a score of 60-58. Octavious Fudge, senior, led the Vikings with 29 points. John Slater, senior, also scored nine points with three assist. Along with this win Christian Knight, senior, and Tayvonn Kyle, junior, both scored six points a piece. This  tied them for first place in the region for Tift.


The Varsity girls also did an exceptional job on defeating the Blue Devils girls Varsity with a score of 46-41.


Jamesha Lawson, junior, scored a total of 20 points making her the lead scorer. Along with her Tiffany Smith, sophomore,  was the second highest scoring player, scoring a total of 11 points. Jaylah Lawson, LHS senior, scored five point with three free throws made.


“The first quarter was bad, but we did very well the rest of the game,” said Smith.