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Don’t be Mean, Go Green

Recycling on Lowndes High’s campus is not a new concept. In fact, Mary Ann Hand, ninth grade literature teacher, started the first recycling program here, but eventually gave it to the Environmental Science Club. Sadly, they neglected the program and did not implement it. As of Tuesday, Jan. 31, three students with a teacher to sponsor them didn’t only restore the program, but revamped it, getting as many students and teachers involved as possible.


David Swanson, tenth grade math teacher, decided that he’d choose recycling and the statistics of it as his project for his Master’s Degree in Secondary Math Education. Ironic as it is, the three students mentioned earlier, Lexis Carmichael, Mia Whicher and Meredith Reitz, went to Hand about restarting the program. They were sent to Swanson, who then discussed his project with them, and of course, the students were on board.


The first step of having the program reapproved was meeting with Leanne McCall, principal. Swanson and the three students attended a meeting with her on Jan., 17. She agreed the recycling program is needed and gave her full support for the program. After that, they started gathering all the supplies and volunteers they needed to make this program a reality. The City of Valdosta donated 10 recycle bins and gave LHS permission to use their drop-off location on Myrtle Street. Also, Erin Strickland, a part of the Make Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful Committee, offered to help with the transportation of recycled items to the recycle centers around Lowndes County and Valdosta.


The custodians have decided to take part in this program as well. Head Custodian, Cesar Battle has agreed to provide trash bags and gloves in order to sort the recyclables. He also will provide trash cans at lunch meant for recyclables only. The special education and life skills students have also volunteered to sort the recycling during second and fourth block.


Flyers and posters will be printed and placed by Mrs.Cantrell throughout the school to make students aware of this program, along with morning announcements. Cammie Lund will promote the program on the Viking News Network once a month. Volunteers are needed for the program for picking up the recyclables outside teacher classrooms and in the bins around the school after fourth block. If interested or available, contact Kalen Grant, chairman of the Lowndes Campus Beautification Committee.


The long-term goal of this program is to surpass the national recycling average, 22 percent, and surpass it by 10 percent.