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Vex Robotics State/Regional Championship

LHS students use their skills in robotics engineering to compete in the Vex Robotics competition.

On Jan. 21, the Vex Robotics competition was held at Lowndes High School in the cafeteria. This is a serious competition that requires teamwork, leadership and technological skills. There are many steps required for a student’s team to win this competition. Vex Robotics consists of teams of students working together to design and create a robot. After creating their robot, they battle it against the other teams.

The goal of the Vex Robotics competition is to encourage students to work together and solve problems. Also, it motivates them to pursue careers in technology, science or engineering. There is no limit to how many students can participate on a team. Three team members are recommended so that two students can handle the bot while the other member programs it. Experienced teams have more specific roles, but every member plays a part in creating the winning robot.

“The only challenging aspect of this competition would be getting paired up with a bad alliance and bad bots. But no matter how challenging, every bot has a chance to get to the finals,” said Riley Lennon, senior.

Many different surrounding schools participated in the competition. The schools that competed were Coffee High, Walnut Grove High, Appling County, Mitchell County, Morgan County, Irwin County, Marist School, Valdosta High and Cook High.

“Our bot did pretty good for the most part. It qualified in round four and three,” said Wesley Holt, senior.

The three top schools were Marist School, Walnut Grove High School and Coffee High School. Team 7201P with Marist High School came in third place. Team 30052A with Walnut Grove High School came in second place and team 1253C with Coffee High School took home the first place prize.