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A Day in the Life of Amy Carter

From State Representative to Lowndes High teacher, Amy Carter continues to serve Lowndes County.

When students think of a teacher, they do not think of the state capitol or politics, unless these students know Amy Carter, teacher and State Representative. From August to December, Carter is like any other teacher, trying to make difference in the lives of her students, but in January, Carter’s path diverges to the state capitol or wherever the business of the State of Georgia takes her, where she continues to enrich the lives and education of Georgia’s youth.

“She [Carter] encourages me everyday to achieve the goals I have in my life. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be as driven as I am now,” said Lauren Brewer, senior.

In 2006, her decision to fill the State Representative position of District 175, vacated by former Representative Ron Borders, brought a new day to Southern politics. Carter’s policy and activity in the Democratic Party allowed her to secure a victory, not just for her, but for women across South Georgia. The 2006 election meant more than a Democrat winning a local office, for it meant that a woman and school teacher would represent the southern part of Georgia, making Carter one of the first women serve Lowndes, Brooks, and Thomas Counties on the state level. Now serving as a Republican, Carter still continues to make a large impact in a male dominated field and has also been named a Committee Chairwoman during multiple legislative sessions.

Her hard work and dedication to students have been seen across the state, and Governor Nathan Deal recently recognized Carter for her efforts as a teacher and public servant at the State of the State Address. In addition to receiving a commendation for the Governor, a promotional video was also made, displaying Carter in a different spotlight, an educator.

“As one of only two classroom teachers serving in the General Assembly, I feel I am the voice for students, teachers, and education in our state,” said Carter.

The knowledge Carter carries to Atlanta has made her an asset to educational committees, as well as to the Office of the Governor. On numerous occasions, Carter has had the distinct honor and privilege of working with Deal, not only on educational issues, but on public policy as well. She recently traveled with the Governor to storm-impacted areas, after numerous tornadoes claimed the lives of 15 Georgians.

In addition to working with Deal, Carter plans to continue to work hard in the Georgia House of Representatives where she plans to introduce several major pieces of legislation this session. Some of these bills include a retirement bill for law enforcement personnel and a bill to extend the hunting season. Carter also added that she has produced legislation for “farm to table opportunities for schools.” Most importantly, Carter must pass a “fiscally sound” and balanced budget while acting as the Chairwoman of the General Government Appropriations Committee.

“Every year, my goal is to be pragmatic and use common sense to pass smart legislation and a balanced budget,” said Carter.

Even while working hard with Governor Deal, State Representatives, and State Senators to develop solutions for everyday problems facing Georgians, Carter has not lost sight of the future of Georgia and America, its youth. From Atlanta to Athens, to Rome and Valdosta, Carter continues to enrich the lives of Georgians and the future of this state, its students.