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Two Teams, United in Christ

LHS students come together to honor a lost student.

Lowndes High School students, teachers and staff gathered together around the flagpole for Rebecca Hall’s balloon release memorial on Thursday, Sep. 8.  The Student body was instructed to wear pink on Thursday to honor her along with releasing pink balloons in honor of the last color she wore. Students stood in a large circle around the pole with those closest to her standing the middle to release the balloons.

LHS students were involved in a terrible accident on bus 09-08, Aug. 29. A semi-truck hit the back end of the bus, injuring 15 students, who were transferred to South Georgia Medical Center, where Hall passed away.

“Rebecca was very kind hearted and loved Jesus. She loved camo and everything orange. Knowing she is no longer with us today breaks my heart, but the thought of her being even more happy in heaven is what satisfies me,” said Sam Lacianese, sophomore.