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Starting Fresh at LHS

We welcome the new and returning teachers.

Lowndes high school welcomes several new teachers for the 2016-2017 academic year. In Physical Education, joining us are Adam Gray and Kari Amar. Academic teachers include Matthew Frederikson, Rebecca Elmore and Derrick Allen.

Adam Gray is returning to LHS, after teaching world history and economics from 2009 to 2012. Gray is now a health and personal fitness teacher, and he coaches football. Previously, Gray left to coach at Berrien High School as a varsity offensive coordinator, and later moved on to Worth County. He returned to LHS because he played football here and thinks there is no place like this Lowndes.

“As a coach, being in health and PE allows me to go down to the football classes. And, it’s a little less rigorous than having to prepare for a class and frees up a little bit more time to coach,” said Gray.

Kari Amar is another health and personal fitness teacher. She originally came from Cincinnati, but lived and taught in Atlanta, Ga. She taught Physical Education in Atlanta for four years and then moved to Valdosta after her husband accepted a job at South Georgia Medical Center. Amar coaches girls soccer and the volleyball team.

“When I was little, my elementary school teacher looked like she had the most fun in the entire world, she was my role model, so I realized I wanted to be like her,” said Amar.

Matthew Frederikson is a new math teacher, attended Lowndes High School. Frederikson originally found LHS to be very overwhelming because he forgot how large the school was. His inability to help students with directions around the school was a little scary, but the staff and students of LHS have been very supportive and kind to him.

“The people here have been fantastic, my colleagues have been very supportive of me, very friendly, very helpful, so it’s definitely a good place to be. I’m happy to be here,” said Frederikson.

Rebecca Elmore, ninth grade literature teacher, once worked as a fellow museum teacher at the Holocaust Museum. This job enabled her to travel around the world and experience new places like Germany, Poland and Israel. She initially wanted to be a writer, but decided to become a teacher because of the stability.

“I had really good teachers who influenced me, and my eighth grade teacher pretty much was the main reason I wanted to go into education because she really made me feel special,” said Elmore.

Lastly, Derrick Allen is a new American government teacher. He attended University Florida and is a die-hard Florida fan. He had always wanted to be in education, so he earned his degree in liberal arts and decided to teach social studies. What brought him to LHS was the coaching opportunity to help with the JV boys basketball team. He has traveled to six countries including Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Mexico, the Bahamas, and France.

The LHS family has welcomed  these teachers and extended their wishes of luck as they tackle a year at Lowndes.