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Campus Beautification

Students, faculty and business sponsors help LHS to create a new look.

Over 60 volunteers helped Lowndes High School with its first annual Beautification Day. This day included cleaning, painting and remodeling the school to create a more welcoming and appealing environment. Volunteers include Kalen Grant, special education science teacher, Rusty Beale, baseball coach, the LHS baseball team, Sheri Dorsett, drama teacher, and six of her drama students, two county office staff members, administrators, a family representing Lowndes Educational Improvement Foundation, LEIF members, representatives from Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and mock trial students. Sponsors and clubs who donated items and money include Jimmy Johns, Lowes, Colson Printing, Bojangles, Daylight Donuts, Second Harvest of South Georgia, Winn Dixie, French Club, Mock Trial and the Fishing Club.

New additions to the school are picture canvases of students and faculty that can be seen in front of the main offices. When visitors enter the student office, they can notice the different and vibrant floor design and viking painting above Mrs. Vickers. The school is also noticeably cleaner and looks brighter. All volunteers have put all their hard work and time into making the school look better.

“It was literally the best experience. I just wish it was a school wide event. Imagine if all the sports and all the clubs were there. It really makes you value the school more if you’re the one taking time to make it nice for everyone,” said Joely Peterman, junior and drama student.

Peterman and other helpers take more pride in the school. Students should be appreciative and thankful for all the effort that went into making LHS more presentable. If students ever have ideas about improvements to the school they should make their voice heard. LHS could always use students help with creating a place where others feel comfortable.