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A Sit Down with Senator Perdue

On Aug. 24, David Perdue, Georgia Senator, visited Valdosta to discuss legislative issues affecting Lowndes County and the presidential election. Some issues included: healthcare, military/defense spending, and Isis.

Healthcare: According to senate studies, healthcare prices have increased 68% in Georgia, over the last seven years. Healthcare is a large part of Valdosta’s economy, from South Georgia Medical Center to private clinics, over $800 million is annually brought into Lowndes County’s economy. While discussing healthcare, Perdue referenced to the $19 billion deficit multiple times.

Military/Defense Spending: Perdue stated that America has cut its defense drastically over the past seven years, cutting the Navy almost in half, while the Air Force is the smallest it has ever been. He also brought light to the fact that the government bought 12 B-52 Bombers from other countries, but these planes were manufactured in the 1950’s and run down. The senator also noted that Moody Air Force Base and its military personnel accounted for a large sector of the local economy.

Isis: For the past several years, the US and its allies have been fighting Isis abroad, but Perdue stated that Isis is a growing threat in the United States. He attempted to draw attention to the constant threat of Isis on Europe and the massive terrorist attacks that are a regular occurrence.

When Americans are voting for the next president, these issues will be discussed heavily, but so will many other issues. From what Hillary Clinton says about Donald Trump being racist, to what Trump says about her emails and Monica Lewinsky, Americans at the ballot will have more than policy to consider when casting their vote.