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The Force of Freshmen

The class of 2019 cannot be stopped. After beating the upperclassmen to win the powderpuff football championship in November, they have increased the intimidation factor by way of softball. On April 28, a class cabinet softball tournament was held at the Lowndes High baseball field.

To start off the day, the sophomores beat the seniors. Following suit, the freshmen beat the juniors, resulting in a battle between the underclassmen.

The championship game was nothing short of exciting. Throughout the entire game the score was close. In the last inning, the sophomores tied it up to 11-11, forcing an extra inning. The freshmen answered with a grand slam from freshman CJ Rose, putting them over the sophomores 15-11. The sophomores could not answer and the game finished with another class cabinet event won by the freshmen.

Coming off of the powderpuff win in November, no one expected the freshmen to win again. But the freshmen had faith, and so did their class cabinet sponsor Morgan Brooks.

Brooks said, “I thought we had a good chance to win, which is what we did. We played to have fun, but winning was definitely a plus.”

When asked the purpose of the class cabinet softball games, Brooks said, “Class cabinet softball is a great way for the kids from all classes to compete and support each other.”

This class has high expectations for the next three years. After making history and being the first freshmen class to win the powderpuff game and the softball game in one year, they will be looked at to keep the streak.
Brooks hopes are to continue to play well and be the first class to win in all four years. The diversely talented 2019 class has made history once already, so nothing is stopping them from making it again.