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Prom Preparation

Prom, on April 23, is just around the corner. Some important aspects of prom are having a dress,  a suit and a date.

The date does not have to be someone you are in a relationship with, it can be a close friend. A date is not really even needed because most of the time when a date is present they are separated. If the male or female is really desperate for a date though then just ask a friend.



When picking out a dress it is perfect to enlist a friend’s help  because the dress picked really might not be the one for. Do not get caught up in other people’s opinions though because this is the night and the girl should be comfortable in what she is wearing.

When picking a dress  pick one larger than normal. Prom dresses usually run at least one size smaller just like wedding gowns.

Always try it on. Let the salesperson help with unzipping and unbuttoning the dress because it helps save shopping time and also listen to the salesperson’s ideas. They know what body types the dresses look good on. Also keep an open mind and try on lots of different styles because the shopper might fall for a dress they never thought they would wear. Avoid strapless dresses. Strapless dresses fall down even on bustier girls so the shopper should get something they can put their arms through; even consider a one strap, it will definitely make it easier for dancing.The dress should be long. Prom dresses are supposed to stop right before the floor. It is a fashion code. Same for only wearing the dress once do not wear the same dress again. That is just how it is.

To save money on prom dresses try going to a thrift store, online deals and bargain stores. Or try a consignment shop. Shopping at these clothing stores will gives the shopper a really good chance at finding a fabulous dress at a fraction of its original price. Cut cost even more by selling clothes that are no longer worn help pay for the dress.

Be okay with change. Almost every prom dress will need some alteration for a perfect fit, consider buying accessories and shoes at the same time the dress is bought so the shopper does not have to go back and forth.



Guys should keep their wear classic, and timeless. Stick with black or white with just a few tasteful touches of color here and there. Guys will not want to buy a tuxedo at this stage of life, so rent instead. Make it clear at the rental store that proper black attire preferred.

Guys are responsible for buying tickets, getting the corsage and making dinner reservations. Buy tickets in advance so it is one less thing to worry about the day of the dance. Make sure the corsage is a flower the girl will like and compliment her dress. Keep the corsage small and simple,  it should not distract from the dress. Make dinner reservations early because places fill up quickly around prom time.

Prom is a memory every student deserves to have. Have fun, be yourself and be safe.