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Fashion’s Spring Cleaning

A new season has brought along a new style and trends. The 2016 Spring season has updated to take on pants, dresses, patterns, jackets, accessories and individuality.

The pants and blouses of the season are comfortable and flirty. According to Harper’s Bazaar, a fashion magazine, wide-legged pants are one of the hottest new trends accompanied with a neutral-colored pajama blouse. Not only that, track pants worn with an off the shoulder blouse make an effortless flirty outfit. Also a pleated skirt worn with a trimmed jacket will create a vintage aesthetic.

The shoes for the season range from flatform sandals to slip on loafers. Flatform sandals are the elevated imitate of hippie sandals. Do not panic, regular flat sandals are still in but with a pop of shine in hot hues will elevate its’ look. Classic sleek leather mule or clogs are in that range as well as striped heels, kitten heels and low-top sneakers.

Besides the floral print, stripes and black lace are the main prints for Spring.

”The unexpected combination of [stripes, florals and black lace] and textures put the swing in spring,” said Bazaar.

All of these prints look great on dresses.

Accessories are always changing from season to season. Statement earrings have taken the season by storm. Statement earrings will most likely look futuristic and should be worn with a crisp white blouse and ankle-length skirt. Chunky bracelets over the sleeve and pendant necklaces are also a trend for Spring.

Some more accessories that are trending are drawstring bags, chain-handle bags, top handle bag in bold colors, patchwork bag, camera bag and canteen bags.

The two jacket trends are the bomber jacket and the trench coats. The bomber jacket adds texture to outerwear without adding bulkiness.

“The neutral trench is chic with primary colors, which are trending for Spring,” said Glamour magazine.

Hairstyles for spring are all about uniqueness and versatility. According to Glamour, the three most versatile hairstyles are the effortless knot, the half-up style, and the deep side part. Glamour also gives tips and examples for how different hair textures could wear each versatile hairstyle.

Nails are simple for this season. Long and clean nails are a trend. Hot metallics, cool blue hues and nude, are the colors for nails.

Glamour gives trends for individual styles. For example, the chic city girl hottest trends are statement accessories, modern knits, and Dr. Martens. The trends for the mix master are a mash-up of patterned and graphic pieces. For the bohemian style girl, denim and pretty prints are the trends. Lastly, the modern rebel trends are leather trousers worn with sophisticated knits and sleek accessories.
Uniqueness is a big part of the 2016 Spring style so combine some of the season’s trends with individuality to look great for Spring Break.