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Lowndes Attends the Georgia BETA Conference

Four of Lowndes High School’s BETA Club members went to the Quiz Bowl finals. Max Wang, David Stokes, Christina Gagne, seniors, and Alana Hunt, junior, were the students who attended the Georgia Senior Beta Convention, are participated in the quiz bowl.

The events took place in early March. Each student attending was given a full schedule for each day. The event started with a conference for State Student Officers, the State Sponsor, and the national sponsor at 7:30 p.m.

Registration began at 11 a.m. The beginning of the quiz bowl followed at 2:45 where the students competed. The quiz bowl consists of a question and answer game played between two teams of four people. The oral round is first where each team must be the first to signal that they have the correct answer. Each student took a test to qualify for the preliminary round of the bowl with a written exam and the LHS students participating ended up making it to the finals.

The next day, the final events of the convention took place. At around 1:30 on March 5 the quiz bowl finals took place for the first through third place rounds. David Stokes is Lowndes’ only student who left the contest with a second place win in the Social Studies event.

“I’m really proud of how far we got and that we made it to the second round,” said BETA sponsor, Jennifer Copeland.