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Work Based Learning: Yay or Nay?

Work-Based Learning is a program that allows students to leave campus for a job or internship. Available to juniors and seniors, the students can leave campus for one through three blocks. The program allows students to explore career activities, so they can better focus on what they are interested in.

Applicants for the program must be on track to graduate and have good attendance and behavior. Applicants that have ten or more absences are not eligible for the program. All the work for the course is given at the beginning of the semester and relates to each student’s specific job. Students have to be self-motivated if they want to succeed. They meet once a week with their advisors to review course work for the given week. Students are also required to complete two hours of community service a semester and are encouraged to join a club or other extracurricular activities.

“It helps me to work on my responsibilities to turn in assignments on time since we don’t have class everyday,” said Callie Witherspoon, senior.

Before applying for the program, applicants are required to complete one career and technical class related to their intended career field. Work-Based Learning is not a pathway, but students can complete a pathway prior to applying for the program and get a job related to that pathway. The state requires that for every block spent off campus, the student has seven and a half work hours for that week. Each block spent off campus counts as one elective credit.

Students can talk to Anglia Webb-Crosby for more information and can pick up an application in her office, G520, or in the guidance office.