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Lights, Camera, Black History!

Throughout history, African Americans have offered thousands of contributions that have aided the shaping of America’s industries, education systems and entertainment.

Brandon Sharp, junior, wrote and directed a captivating play about African Americans impact on the entertainment business in history. He featured in a snippet of his play when he sang a song for dancer True Jones, junior.

Brandon Sharp’s play was performed in front of a student audience and again to the general public. On both days the cast put on a splendid reenactment of history by telling a story of a drama department at risk and four students getting lost in the drama room pushing them back in time. While attempting to find their way back, they are also searching for a solution to save their beloved drama department.  

The theatrical performance featured musical group, The Dreamgirls. This act featured other student from Lowndes High such as, Tolerie Moye, sophomore.

Writer and director, Sharp, was asked what he found to be the most difficult aspect in creating his own masterpiece.

“Mainly it was just learning how to separate myself from my peers and rising to be the director,” said Sharp.

One of the main characters, Moye, owned multiple roles in the play. From a high school student, to the lead singer of female group The Dreamgirls, this sophomore worked the stage.

“Learning lines and teaching choreography were both arduous in the creation of the play. At first everyone, especially me was nervous until we finally started to see all of the hard work coming together,” said Moye.

She was asked what her main goal was throughout the play when attempting to portray Brandon’s vision.

“Mainly I wanted to assure the success of the play. Another focus was the idea of it being fun. Being that Brandon is finicky with many things I offered words of advice to him. Overall his vision was to create a insight of African Americans struggle in the entertainment business, and when everyone was happy and having fun the entire play was a 100 times better,” said Tolerie Moye.

Students who viewed the play had great views towards it. Katelynn Florig, junior, attended one of its presentations in the Lowndes High theatre.

“It was an awesome play! You could tell how hard the students worked on it. I loved the storyline and dance numbers,” said Florig. She continued, “ Brandon Sharp and True Jones’ scene was my favorite. It was just one of the acts that showcased their exceptional talents.”

Florig stated later that she thoroughly enjoyed the plays display of inspirational qualities and  African American contributions to the arts.

“We could all use a little inspiration,” said Katelynn Florig. \

Brandon Sharps’ play was a show for everyone. It was captivating and based upon a strongly written script by the young prodigy. He did a swell job on portraying such an important piece of American history.