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Lowndes High School Literary Meet

The Lowndes High School Literary Team  was successful at the region competition at Lee County High School on Tuesday, March 1. Lowndes had three students who finished first place in their events. These students are Kristen Broyles, Taylor Breer and Bryce Mixon.

The Lowndes High School Literary Team is a part of  the Georgia High School Association.  Students compete in events based on individual talents first against students in our region and then regional winners go on to compete at the state level. These select students are chosen by Mr. Todd Clements, English teacher, to represent the school in the areas of chorus, drama, speech and essays.

“Most of the time I go out and talk to all of the AP teachers, and the teachers that I know work with writers or public speakers and drama teachers or the chorus teachers and ask who are the best students. We start recruiting early in the year up to about Christmas. Then, we start working with the kids to get them ready for competition,” said Clements.

Lowndes High School also had many other outstanding performances at the region competition. These students include  David Stokes, Princess Ogunda, Camden Burrous, Cydia Walker and Ashlyn Simmons.

Broyles placed first in the Humorous Dramatic Interpretation event . Breer placed first in the Girls Solo, and Mixon placed first in the Boys Solo. These students will continue to the state competition on March 12. If students think they have a special talent in chorus, drama, speech or essays, Literary Team Competition would be a great group to be with.