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The Reason I am Late to Class

As we all know, all the students at LHS always forget how to walk between classes. I completely understand meeting your significant other, but if someone is stopped in the dead middle of the hall, that person is a disgrace. Honestly, I do not get why taking five steps to the side of the hall is so difficult.

Everyone else might be unconcerned with being on time to class, but I however am concerned. The everyday struggle of trying to get from here to there is ten times worse at Lowndes. This is not just couples. It is also all the groups of friends that meet right where everyone is walking.

How am I supposed to get to class when students are talking about things that can probably wait? Phones were invented to communicate information, so please explain why no one uses them to do that. The problem is not that people meet in the halls. The problem is people standing completely in the way of everyone else.

Walking through the halls is already annoying enough. Most of the people get on my nerves. So, I definitely do not need people standing in the way of me trying to be anti-social and avoiding people. There is plenty of room on the campus where everyone can meet and not be a nuisance to everyone around them.