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Youth Art Month

The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts held the opening reception of Youth Art Month Sunday, Fed. 28 from 2 to 4:30 p.m., featuring their Youth Art Exhibit and Regional High School competition.

The Turner Center for the Arts supports the observation of Youth Art Month through this annual event, welcoming anyone to come and enjoy works from your artists.

One side of the gallery was set up for the Youth Art Exhibit, which included student work from area schools K-8, while the other side held the setup for the Regional High School competition.

This set up allowed viewers to see the work of young artists that are just beginning to enter the world of the arts, and then the transition into the work of talented high school students, who have grown so much in their knowledge and translation of the arts.

The competition incorporated work from 10 high schools in the region including Lowndes High, and none of the artwork was mediocre. There were multiple pieces that exhibited different variations of art, including drawings, paintings, ceramics and photography.

Closer towards the end of the event, judges observed each piece in the competition. After the judges discussed, titles were announced and ribbons were hung.

“VSU Professors were the one’s that judged, so I think they noticed when someone was doing something more advanced or unusual,” said Sherry Bennett, “I believe originality is important, and that they were definitely looking for something original.”

Lowndes High School’s Ashlyn Harris, Sarah Lee and Ramiro Santillan each were chosen as honorable mentions, and Taylor Elliott received the title for Best in Show.

“It’s really exciting to know that I was chosen because although I didn’t go, Mrs.Dorsey said their was a lot of really good work,” said Harrison.

Each of their entries were original and demonstrated strong craftsmanship. The work put into their was clearly exhibited.

“I think I was chosen because of my professionalism. I did it as on a canvas, and it was a still life making it a classical type of style. Then I added my own color scheme and unique twist to it,” said Santillan.

Each acknowledgement was indeed an honor, and the title giving to Elliot for best in Show was a large honor to receive. She was very modest about her work, but her peers that also entered in the show spoke highly of her work believing that it indeed deserved the win.

“I get why they chose Elliot for best in show because she did something that set it apart from everything else, and they could already tell that it was repetition just looking at it. The motif was repeated, but it was still different. She showed the principles and elements of art, and it all worked together. It had a really great composition,” said Stantillian.

The Youth Art Exhibit at the Turner Center for the arts will be up until March 23, so anyone may come by during their opening hours to view their pieces from the show as well as the rest of the artwork from the Exhibits.