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Rivals Go Head to Head: Valdosta Wildcats vs. Lowndes Vikings

Lowndes High School’s Girls Varsity Soccer team traveled to Bazemore-Hyder Stadium March 1 where they took on the Valdosta Wildcats. Both teams showed up to show out and played a physical, heated game. Lowndes has beat Valdosta every season, since 2009, so the players felt the pressure. Lowndes and Valdosta both have talented players of their teams, so the competition was on a high level.

From the start, the game was very aggressive. Lowndes and Valdosta were not accepting any pushing around. Many fouls were called due to continuous body to body contact. Lorna Chitty, Valdosta High senior, broke her nose fighting for a header against Lowndes junior, Kaitlyn Staten.

“Obviously I didn’t mean to hurt anyone during the game, but accidents happen and you’ve just got to keep playing and keep your head up,” said Staten.

Lowndes attempted many shots throughout the game, but the shots never went in. Lowndes and Valdosta ended up tying 0-0 by game time, but went into overtime. Both teams wanted to win, so players were at their highest peak. In the first 30 seconds of overtime, Staten scored a goal. The crowd went wild and so did her team mates as they kept the score at 1-0. Two minutes later, freshman Maddie Brown scored another goal. In the second half of overtime, senior, Kate Tunison scored a goal from 40 yards out. Lowndes finished the game strong with a score of 3-0. The Vikings gave their all in overtime and were hyped about keeping the winning streak against Valdosta.

“Our girls played well and when things were not going well they continued playing hard and did not quit,” said Jake Chitty, girl’s Head Coach.

Lowndes plays Valdosta again April 19. Varsity girls play at 6:00 p.m., and varsity boys play at 8:00 p.m. Come support the Vikettes and Vikings as they go up against Valdosta again.