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Lowndes Landscaping Project

On Friday, March 11, Lowndes students pitched in to work on the landscaping in front of the cafeteria. This landscaping project was organized by Angelia Webb-Crosby, her students and the the students of Michael Barnes and Quinton Hadsock’s classes put in much needed work to get  the dirt laid down and plants planted. LeighAnn Haworth’s students assisted with the watering. Some of the key students that helped on this project were Jennifer Torres, Zaria Williams, AJ Brown and Ty Adams.

Proficient Pool and Landscaping donated the design, dirt and portion of the cost of the plants for the project.

“It all looks fabulous. Totally transformed the look of that area,” said Rita Tompkins, Administrative Assistant to the Principal.

This landscaping project is a perfect example of LHS students working together with our community partners. Just a little help goes a long way, so anyone can imagine all the possibilities for the future of LHS.