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Trump Visits Valdosta

On Monday night, Valdosta State University was packed with over 10,000 Trump supporters, while some inside and some waiting and listening outside. All of them, awaiting the arrival of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

His speech was approximately 45 minutes, and thousands of his supporters cheered in agreement. Others left in disagreement.

“Who is going to pay for the wall?” Trump asked in one part of his speech. Thousands screamed the answer, “Mexico!”

In fact, the wall was the most discussed topic of Trump’s speech. He spoke of the economic benefit it would bring, and the amount of crime and drugs in America would drop significantly.

“I like what he is going to do with ‘Build the Wall’ that will help us a lot with getting our jobs back,  I also really liked his speech as well. He doesn’t just say the same thing over and over again. Another thing that was really cool that I liked, was how a lot of pastors and Christians support him,” said an anonymous Trump supporter.

Trump also spoke of getting rid of Obama care, protecting the second amendment, and eliminating common core.

“I support him a lot. He is really good with money and that might be an advantage to help America with our financial problems,” said freshman Haley Norris.

Even though there were many supporters, there were also many non-supporters. Protesters chanted and held up signs reading that Trump was racist, and that he supported the white-supremacist clause.

“Trump isn’t going to make America great again, he’s just spewing out words. If you ask him what his plan is he’ll avoid the question or direct the question to a different subject,” said an anonymous non-supporter. 

Donald Trump’s republican nomination is at the top with 35.6 in the polls. Below him is Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and John Kasich.  He has won in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.