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McDonald’s, A True Miracle

McDonald’s is made out to be an awful fast food restaurant. Some people even ban it from their diets, and to anyone who does, it is a huge mistake. In fact, I have a raging hate from anyone who bashes it.

I just generally do not get it. Anybody who does not like has McDonald’s obviously never tried their fries, McDouble and definitely not a Buffalo Ranch McChicken. There is a difference if someone just does not like their food. However, I am almost positive people drive right down the road to Wendy’s and order the same fattening hamburger.

Which brings me back to my original question. Why does everyone bash Mickey D’s? Regardless, people eat unhealthy food outside of McDonald’s, so they can not even blame it on calories. Besides, passing up a dollar burger is just punishing oneself. I, personally, feel almost forced to avoid people who reject their juicy burger goodness. It is just such a disservice to yourself not to enjoy their masterpieces.

“McDonald’s has saved my life and my bank account. It is so good and cheap. I don’t know why anyone would pass that up,” said Kendra Barwick, junior.

There is nothing more annoying than being so in the mood for a McDouble, but someone that is “too good” for their food. However, they are a very successful business. So, to everyone who will not eat there, they really do not need the business anyways. In the end, these people are only hurting themselves.

McDonald’s is truly a blessing to mankind and should be treated accordingly.