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School vs. Internet

Since the creation of the first social media site in 1997, more than one third of the world’s population has started to use the popular online trend. Today, around 72 percent adults in America use Facebook, while over 28 percent of the entire population use Instagram, according to pewinternet.org.

According to journals.plos.org, a study shows that Internet Addiction Disorder, IAD, is a serious mental health issue. Using social media has also rerouted humans’ ability to multitask. Stanford University found that people who spend a significant time online were more susceptible to interference from irrelevant environmental stimuli and less able to complete more than one task simultaneously.

One of the biggest issues facing the classroom today is social media. According to the University of Phoenix, nine out of ten teachers today do not use social media in their class. Most teachers, in fact, believe that social media has a negative effect on students’ grades and do not want to encourage students to use social media in their classrooms.

“I don’t see what the problem is with social media. My grades are great, and I use it all the time,” said Corbin Bailey, freshman.

A survey was conducted at Lowndes High School to see how many students use social media and if this use affects their grades. In this survey, 100 students were interviewed, 50 boys and 50 girls, from all four grade levels.

Out of the 50 boys, 30 use social media regularly, 33 have grades above a B average and 17 have grades lower than a B average. Out of the 50 girls, 41 use social media regularly, 42 have grades above a B average and eight have grades below a B average.

“I use social media a lot, but I’ve never gotten a grade lower than a 94,” said Vanessa Perreira, sophomore.

According to the data from the survey, students’ grades are not affected by the use of social media. Based on how many students use social media and maintain grades above a B average, there seems to be no correlation between using social media sites and grades.