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Devon From Harveys

On Sept. 16, 2015, Devon Lynch posted a video of him  singing “Bump and Grind” over the intercom at the Harveys where he is employed. The video became viral on Sept. 22.

One night, while Devon was working, his manager asked him to make the closing call for the remaining employees at Harveys. He thought it would be funny to sing the song into the mic, and his manager found it funny enough to ask him to do it once again a week later.

“My manager recorded it on his snapchat and added it on his story. Then, he sent it to me and I posted it on twitter. Over night, it got over 115 retweets,” said Lynch.

It continued to have over 500 retweets the next day, 900 the day after that, and 2,000 by the third day after. It was also posted to Facebook on Sept. 23, and it received over a million views in less than 12 hours.

The video went on to be posted on other Facebook accounts receiving millions of views as well as on Instagram, and Twitter accounts with millions of followers.

“I was at band practice one day, and my phone kept blowing up with people saying, Devon you’re famous and sending me screenshots of world star hip hop posting the video,” said Lynch. “Then the next day at school, people were coming up to me asking for my autograph, and that went on for about two weeks.”

Lynch’s friends and family posted the video all over social media stating that he was their friend, nephew, cousin and so forth full of excitement due to the popularity of his video.

“It’s funny because I never got any credit. People would comment on videos asking who this kid was, and I would comment saying, ‘It’s me. Thanks,’” said Lynch