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Lowndes High Lunch Period

Many of Lowndes High School students have made complaints about how short the lunch period is. The lunch time at LHS is approximately 30 minutes and students are given about five to six minutes to get back to class.

There is never enough time for students to get their lunch and by the time they do lunch is almost over. Lunch lines are always too long. Students have also mentioned that there is not enough time to go to the cafe until after lunch because they are spending time trying to hurry up and eat.

“Making our lunch period longer will help us by giving more time to eat so we will not be rushing to eat” said Sabrina Moore, senior.

There is a counter argument to that thought.Lunch duty teachers, whose role is to monitor students, have noticed that students spend the majority of the time walking around and talking to their friends instead of spending the time to eat lunch. So really it is not as much about the lunch period being to short the main problem is what students choose to do during that 30 minutes they have.

“Students have a choice whether or not to spend time eating lunch or to talk to their friends and whether they choose to eat lunch or do other things is up to them,” said Bruce Crook, Lowndes High Administrator.

“Yes we have considered extending lunch periods, we have actually considered going back to three lunch periods” said Crook.

In the past Lowndes High actually had three lunch periods but because the population of our school became so large  lunch periods became too packed and lunch lines were way longer then they are now. Three lunches became four so that lunches would not be so packed and students were able to be spread out during lunch.

Time is also a big factor to consider when thinking about changing the lunch schedule. If we change lunch times it can affect things like the times we  get out of school or when the buses come to pick up students after school. There is possibility that the time we spend at school could be extended if we change lunch schedules and no one wants that.

There is not really a solution to this problem at the moment, it is really up to the students to use their time wisely and get in the lunchroom, do what they are suppose to do and get out.