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Man Buns, the Only Real Happiness in Life

Man buns, starting back in 2014 with Jared Leto, has become a trending hairstyle for men with long hair. The man bun has become popular worldwide. Even though it appears on all types of guys, the “mun” gives males an attractive, hipster look.

However, some women do find the trendy hairstyle repulsive. Often times, it is referred to as too feminine, relating back to a messy bun on females. For people thinking clearly, the man bun is almost irresistible and enough to consider marriage. The mun has, in fact, made it all the way down to Valdosta, Georgia, a population of mostly outdoorsy men. Despite what is expected, Valdosta is more than country boys. Yes, guys are hipster even in the South with their man buns.

“Man buns shouldn’t be hated. They’re cool. They are quick to do, easy, and gets my hair out of my face,” said JT Milam, sophomore.

The “mun” is the most appealing feature on a guy. This hairstyle is the guy version of “Messy Hair; Don’t Care.” If hair could communicate with people, the mun would say, “Long Hair; Don’t Care.” However, everyone knows how the saying goes, the messier, the better.