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Bringing Outside Food Into The School

Bringing outside food, like Chick-Fil-A or Mcdonalds, onto the school’s campus seems to be a major issue at Lowndes High School. Jay Floyd, former principal of Lowndes High School, strictly enforced this rule. The new principal at Lowndes High, LeAnne McCall, agrees with Floyd, but also has a somewhat different approach to this rule.

“If everybody could kind of follow the expectations of keeping our campus and our school really clean, it may not be as much of an issue. But when students can’t compose of their food properly, it becomes a burden then on our custodial staff and teachers in trying to keep our campus clean. What we really need is for students to do their part in kind of policing themselves in terms of throwing their things away,” said LeAnne McCall, Principal.

When most students bring outside food onto campus, they tend to not clean up their mess. This mess, like McCall has stated, leaves the custodial staff with more to clean up and it is not right for them to clean up extra trash just laying around the school property.

However, some of the students at Lowndes High think they should be able to bring food for educational reasons. Some think it could help people stay awake to focus during class, while others think it is a distraction with all the noise and clutter being made. For the students that want outside food allowed on the campus and in classrooms, they may try to take a step and find a way to do something about it.

“I would probably try to influence the school that eating a meal that you enjoy could have a positive effect on attitudes and the amount of effort a student gives,” said Robby Swindle, junior.

Swindle is showing why he would try to influence the school administration to let students bring the outside food onto property. Lowndes High students need to get used to this rule, because as McCall stated, it plans on staying.