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One Tree Hill, More Like the One and Only Love of My Life

The television show, One Tree Hill, is a series about the erratic lives of several teenagers that attend Tree Hill High School. The main characters of the show include Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, Karen Rowe, Dan Scott, Keith Scott and Deb Scott, but throughout all nine seasons, many characters come and go. The show is clearly filled with drama in every single episode. There is not one minute where you are not on your toes. As the seasons continue on, so do the people in show. Audiences fall in love with the characters as they all begin to grow up and become adults. The show received a eight point seven out of ten which goes to show how superb the TV series really is.

“One Tree Hill is one of the best American teen shows since the OC,” James Lamont, London, England based aurthor.

One Tree Hill is a great show for teenage audiences. From the stress about sports to worrying about grades, students can relate to this show. Many students at Lowndes High School watch this series for relaxation as well as to a find humor after a serious day.

“I could cave in my room for hours just watching One Tree Hill and be loving life. That’s how much I am obsessed over One Tree Hill,” freshman, Makenzie King.

The series ended in 2012, with 187 episodes, but people still continue to watch it. One Tree Hill can be found on Netflix as well as online. One Tree Hill is a suggestion for people who have time to watch it, because it definitely can take up hours of your life.