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Bar Soap

There is no wonder why everyone prefers liquid soap. It smells better, is more sanitary, and easy to use. Bar soap is not only inconvenient, but it is also one of the nastiest inventions. While other people hate spiders or something reasonable, I have a growing hate for a simple stick of soap.

Some people do not rub the soap off onto a washcloth. Instead, they go for the bar-to-body method. I am sure my family is well kept, but that kind of interaction does not make me comfortable. I would much rather squirt soap into a washcloth and go about my day. This method is not direct contact and therefore spreads less germs. Body to body contact is not cool.

Soap in a bottle has always been a better choice. My hatred goes as low as me making my mom get me liquid soap if there is only bar soap in the house. I am not a major germ freak, but the obvious disgusting things in life should be pointed out and avoided. And, quite frankly, I am afraid anyone who uses bar soap will never be a friend of mine.

Besides, if someone is dirty and used bar soap, doesn’t that make the soap dirty from that point on?