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A Cleanliness Mission

Students have mixed emotions about the cleanliness of bathrooms at Lowndes High School. Bathroom cleanliness is a top priority in our school. On average, a student goes to the bathroom three times a day. For most students, bathrooms are considered gross, foul, and unsanitary.

There are several reasons why bathrooms are a problem. Bathrooms have a distinct odor and smell. Sometimes these relief areas have no paper towels or toilet tissue. Graffiti and vulgar language are written on walls.  Some students complain of a weird smelling soap and icy cold water for hand washing. Finally, insects and roaches scatter over bathroom floors.

Several students were contacted for an opinion. “Bathrooms are terrible and dirty, and the worst bathrooms are located on S-wing,” said Brian, junior. “To make the bathrooms better, I think the custodians should pay attention more.”

Cesar Battle, head custodian, stated that school bathrooms are cleaned and checked three times daily.

“After late bell, all bathrooms in the school are checked and cleaned. At lunch time, a staff member checks lunchroom restrooms. The last cleanliness check occurs toward the end of the school day.  Finally, bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned when everyone leaves for the day,” said Battle, head custodian.

It was further explained that each custodian is assigned a school wing to monitor.  Checklists are used to document the staff’s work.  Supervisors routinely inspect the public restroom areas for hygiene and safety.

“Over the summer, we paint the bathrooms, discard graffiti, and renovate bathrooms before students return for the next year,” said Battle.

“I do not sit on the toilet because they are so disgusting.  Some bathrooms do not have paper towels or tissue paper, specifically on S-wing and A-wing,” said Destiny, junior. Destiny believes that we should install automatic dispensers in the bathrooms to eliminate some germs.

They need to put air fresheners in bathrooms, so they will smell decent all day,” said Nyck, junior.

To help improve bathroom hygiene, LHS should consider installing air fresheners in every bathroom to keep scent away.  We can make sure toilet receptacles are installed, especially for female restrooms. Most importantly, students can launch a campaign encouraging students to wash their hands to prevent germs.

Some people dread going to some restrooms in the school. “E-wing/freshman academy has the worst restrooms”, said Takiana.

“The bathrooms are nasty and stink,” said Kayla,  junior. “The bathroom near the lunchroom is the worst. You expect the ones in the lunchroom to be clean, but they’re not. You can see holes between stalls and students can see you relieving yourself.”

A LHS senior shared her thoughts.  “There is no soap and the water is freezing cold,” said Alex, senior.

We can also encourage responsibility and accountability among the student body.   For example, some LHS students have vandalized bathrooms.  A few draw disturbing words on the walls.  Others throw trash on the floors.  Students complain, but we must take a positive step toward helping with the problem.

Students can start showing concern with exercising bathroom manners.  Students should flush and wipe off urine sprinkle. Put toilet items in proper containers, and wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs, cold, or flu. Wipe the sink of extra water to respect the next user. Use water and paper towels conservatively. Please notify custodians to replace missing items. Students should not throw water or other substances on the bathroom floor.

Students can improve bathroom cleanliness by cleaning up behind themselves.One method is to post signs or pictures as friendly reminders encouraging students to keep bathroom areas clean. Report violators of poor bathroom etiquette.

Studies show that a student’s environment affects learning. It has also been found bathrooms are oddly places where students rest, relax, and chat with friends in school.  As a private area highly used at school, many students bathroom cleanliness to remain under constant student review.

LHS student perceptions about school bathrooms are not surprising.  The opinions showed that students want restrooms that are neat, clean, and organized. Students must do their part to maintain bathroom cleanliness as a mission at LHS.