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Vikings Get Scratched by Wildcats

The well known matchup between the Lowndes High School Vikings and the Valdosta High School Wildcats has been going on for years. This past Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, the rivalry continued at Valdosta High’s gymnasium.

Junior Varsity girls started off the games on Saturday. Their final score was 45-38, Wildcats on top. This would be the first loss for the for the JV girls of their season.

Varsity girls game began and the Vikettes were showing signs of a win. Two of their top scorers of the night were Di’era DeLoatch, senior,10 points and Taffany Smith, senior, 11 points. The Lady Vikes ended the game with a loss, 44-42.

The undefeated Junior Varsity boys team lost their first game of the season to the Valdosta Wildcats on Saturday. Despite the rigorous fight they put up, the Wildcats took home the win final score of 37-33.

Starting off the Varsity  boys game the Vikings and Wildcats were both showing strengths. The top four scorers were Dylan Jarvis, senior, six points, Brandon Benjamin, senior, eight points, Christian Knight, junior, nine points and Octavius Fudge, junior, 12 points. Fudge also lead the game with the most points for the Lowndes Vikings. In the top of the fourth quarter the game was intense. Both teams ran the ball and scored successfully most times they came down the court. At the end of the game Valdosta Varsity boys took another win, 47-42.