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How Much is too Much?

A Student Life in America survey showed that over half of high school students are stressed over school. 25 percent of these students claimed this stress was due to ever increasing amounts of homework. According to npr.org, many high school students feel sick, leave school early and have also been diagnosed with anxiety disorders due to increased stress at school.

If a student rides the bus and gets home around 4 p.m., has an average of an hour of homework for each of his four classes, takes an hour for personal hygiene and eating dinner, he will be done with everything around 9 p.m. Most students have to be in bed by 9-10 p.m. in order to get a full night of rest. This leaves a student with next to no free time after school. When a student has a project due, they usually have to stay up late and sacrifice some much needed rest to keep even a decent grade point average. However, most teachers feel that since the child is in their class they must practice what was taught in class.

“I think homework should be an extension of what you’ve done in class or it should be an opportunity for students to finish something they didn’t have time to finish in class,” said Amanda Glass-Bortle, ninth grade ELA teacher. “I don’t think it should be and assignment  to where a student is having to learn a new skill or do something that they’ve never seen before. I also don’t think homework should take more than maybe 30 minutes to an hour, at best, at the high school level and then decreases when they’re lower down in the grades that you get.”

Many teachers also give out projects for a test grade or other large grades which take much longer than normal homework. While most teachers do give it out before the weekend, this is also the only time that these students get free time. Although, many teachers still give out homework on Friday to do over the weekend, taking away much needed relaxation.

“I think homework takes too much time, especially on weekends,” said Ashley Bullard, freshman. “Sometimes, when I get home from school, I’ll have so much homework I won’t even be able to go to sleep till midnight and when I wake up the next day for school I feel horrible. I honestly think teachers should give a lot less homework and give us more notes to study instead of papers with the same questions on them repeatedly.”

According to occupytheory.org, an excessive amount of homework can also cause conflict between the student and their parents. For example, when a child has homework and wants to blow it off the parent has to take charge and make the child do their homework. Children who feel forced to complete homework may think they must cheat off someone’s work so they do not have to hear their parents yell at them about it. When cheating is discovered, it can also cause more problems between the teacher, parent and the child. However, if it is not discovered the child will continue to cheat instead of studying which will initiate a life of slacking.

Homework can improve students’ grades, but it also affects the parent and child’s relationship, the child’s sleep, social time and physical health. Homework should be given, but only in moderation.