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Get to Know Carol Logan

Carol Ann Logan, Business and Technology teacher, is one of the many hardworking teachers at Lowndes High School. She entertains while lecturing to her students about the business world.

According to Logan, God is the reason she is teaching. She believes He put her where she is today. Logan also gives credit to her high school business teacher. She has been teaching Introduction to Business and Technology at LHS for 31 years and has never regretted her decision to do so. She loves the interaction with the students.

“Touching lives, and [students] touching mine; I think [students] have touched my life probably way more than I have touched [theirs],” said Logan on working with students.

After graduating from Valdosta State College, now known as Valdosta State University, her original intention was to go into the business world. During the time she attended Valdosta State, she majored in Business Education.

However, she ended up teaching at Lowndes High School instead and loves it and the students. If there was one thing Logan could change about LHS, it would be for the discipline rules to be revamped.

When Logan first started teaching at LHS, she started Student Council and she was her class president. Logan has sponsored other clubs as well, such as FBLA, Fishing Club, Interact and was the cheerleading coach at one point.

She mentioned that her favorite thing to do in high school was everything, but especially cheerleading.

“Do what you enjoy, but realize that you have got to further your education to make it. And when I say make it, there are a few times when you do not. But that is very slim and winning the lotto is very slim too. But every one of you has the potential to make something, give it your best shot and do not expect a handout,” Logan advises her students.