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Katie Fletcher, Behind the Scenes

Lowndes High School is full of amazing people. Instead of slacking, many students take initiative to better themselves everyday. Katie Fletcher, LHS sophomore, manages to make time for softball, church and maintains good work habits. Also, at the same time, Katie leaves a positive connotation no matter where she goes.

“Softball has taught me how to have better time management, and I realized even if we don’t win me and the other players are still the best of friends. I have also learned how to put others before myself because in the end, it is all about something bigger than me,” said Katie Fletcher.

Along with gaining many friends, she has learned time management skills that will last a lifetime. Softball has made her a less selfless person. Having to work as a team with many others makes you put others first. Instead of just making it an after school exercise, Katie interpreted the whole meaning. After continuously putting others first, she learned that life is a much bigger picture. It is phenomenal that Fletcher has matured so much already just by her sophomore year.

“I take one AP class and the rest are Pre AP. As soon as I get home, I do all the homework that was assigned. Weekends are usually when I catch up on my reading and studying,” said Fletcher.

Aside from being very involved with softball, Katie juggles the weight of challenging AP and Pre AP classes. AP is the most complex course for a class there is, and Pre AP is still honors. However, it is not quite as difficult. Instead of going to sleep after long softball practices, Katie finishes her school work. It is easy to tell she is very driven and motivated to go far in life. Making time for after school activities and completing homework is a hassle for most high schoolers. However, Katie makes the issue seem like no hassle. She has become a well-organized and responsible person at a very young age.

“I try to go to every Sunday school class, Sunday night class, and socials. However, softball keeps me from going on Wednesday nights. I try to help the church. I would love to go on a mission trip, but I have to wait until I am older. My faith in God is what holds me together,” said Fletcher.

Katie finds a way as much as possible to attend her church. Making time for all these activities seem almost out of the question for most people. However, Katie knows staying loyal to her faith is very important. Her time management skills are absolutely amazing.

Katie Fletcher should be more recognized for the hard work she does everyday. High school is a rough time for most students, but Katie has made her experience a very easy going one. Her mindset and motivation is the kind majority of students at LHS hope and dream for. Who needs a celebrity as a role model when we have one right here at Lowndes High?