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Starting The Season Off Right

Lowndes High girls basketball team say basketball season can not get here fast enough. Last season they did not go as far as they would have liked to, but this season they are determined to be on top. Over the years, everyone has seen these girls grow and develop new basketball skills, and this year will be even better. Brittany Bell, head coach, has expectations that she really wants the girls to succeed in this season.

“Getting put out in the first round last year still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and we do not plan to let that happen again,” said Bell.

Bell is definitely is not happy with how last season ended, but is both physically and mentally ready to get this season started. She knows that the girls will give it all they got and more. Bell has higher expectations for her more seasoned players because she feels as though they need to set examples for the newcomers.

“The score at the end of the not always dictate the winner. If we are getting better each and every time we touch the floor, I consider that a win-win situation,” said Seniors, Taffany Smith and Tatiana Walker.

Smith, senior at LHS, says that she is ready but at the same time not. If anyone has seen Smith play it is very obvious she is very focused. This is her last year playing basketball for LHS and it is going to be like a bittersweet moment for her, but she says she definitely wants to further her basketball career.

“I am all over the court so I honestly do not know what position I am more focused on.” Smith said.

She says she is always up to practice more and get better at what she does. In all she says that when the team works hard and stay focused there is nothing that we can not accomplish.

Walker, senior at LHS, on the other hand agreed with what Smith says, but uses her playful personality on and off the court. Walker feels as though she has the hardest job on the court and that is being a point guard.

“Being a point guard is not easy and I feel like there is a lot of weight on my shoulders each and every time I get on the court,” Walker said.

Although Walker loves basketball, she is not sure if she wants to continue after she graduates. She is now just focused on getting herself ready for the season and uses this quote to keep her focused. It says, “Every million mile journey starts with one step.”

Overall these girls and the coach are very excited to start a new season and as they say, “Today…Tomorrow…Forever Vikette Strong!!”