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The Artist Behind the Face

Brantley says that when she draws, she likes to put emotion behind it, and tell a story. She does this through inspiration or in her free time.

Brantley usually draws in the afternoon, on the bus or when she has time. Brantley uses a graphite pencil to sketch her drawings. Sometimes switching mediums between water colors, acrylic color pencils and oil color pencils. She does not always color her pieces though, claiming that not coloring a piece keeps the simpleness in it.

Brantley hopes to use her abilities for a future career as a fashion illustrator. A fashion illustrator draws art models for a fashion designer. Brantley studies this style. She studies fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and more.

Brantley’s drawings are more on the realist side.

According to Brantley, “ I want something that represents life.”

She achieves this by studying the pictures of her drawing. She shades her drawings and tries to capture the light in them. Sometimes she has an image in her head and free lances it.

Brantley draws landscapes, animals, people and abstracts. With each of these, she studies pictures and replicates it. For reference, she went straight into drawing a picture of a husky pup. She used a Google picture and started drawing it.

“She takes her time with drawings,” claims Taylor Towner, a classmate.

Several students have claim that she draws all the time on the bus and are impressed by her drawings. Some are amazed that she can even draw with the bus being so bumpy. Most buses go on dirt roads, make sharp turns or hit a bump on the road, so she is very skilled to have these great drawings.

Sometimes certain traits can skip a generation. Most people inherit their abilities from their parents or grandparents. Brantley claims she is not one of those people.

According to Brantley “,I am the only in my family that can draw.”

She claims that she was born with the ability to draw.

Brantley focuses on getting everything exact. Even if a friend likes her drawing, she will disagree with her. Brantley would respond that the eyes were not alike or that the nose was not good.

Even though Brantley can be her toughest critic, she focuses on the bright side. She may not like the eye, but she will turn it into something beautiful.

“I like to turn a negative into a positive,” Brantley said.