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Do Clients Really Know Their Nail Salon?

Homecoming is almost here, and girls can not wait to get their nails done to complete their homecoming look. Many are debating on the best places to go. Little do girls know nail salons can be very risky.

Daily Pilot reporter Kathleen Luppi writes about nail salon hazards. For example, due to poor cleaning inside the whirlpool foot spa, there could be bacteria that has not been removed or disinfected from the internal tubes and components. Cleaning this specific equipment takes time, and if not done properly, then mycobacterial will build up and cause problems such as warts, athletes foot, toenail fungus and other viruses that love the wet and moist environment.

Another danger is the actual tools used. A former Nails by Chris salon technician explains the importance of everyone taking their job seriously, “We always keep our tools clean not only between manicures and pedicures but also during the process. Alcohol kills all the germs so we are constantly soaking the supplies in it and wiping them down. It is extremely mandatory that we bleach the tubs in order to keep them at its cleanest. We constantly endeavor to keep all the germs and bacteria gone to keep the place well clean and our customers content.”

Nails by Chris has been a great place for many. Not only is the level of efficiency outstanding, but they also try to keep a conversation going and supply their clients with a nice drink, hoping they will enjoy the time spent there. Obviously, popular request is the French Nails, which is perfect for homecoming. At a decent price, customers can get a French mani and pedi that is well done.

“Our number one goal is to make our customers beyond satisfied. Alot of times, we get customers that have had accidents or bad experiences at different salons, so we strive to not let that happen here,” said a Nails by Chris employee.

Nails by Chris appreciates the business Lowndes High School students dedicate to them especially around dance times. They look forward to having many clients whom are getting ready for the dance, and the salon hopes their clients walk out as satisfied as possible.