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Students in drama club attended the Thespian Conference in Columbus, Ga. The LHS Drama club attended the Thespian Conference, ThesCon, in Columbus, Ga on Feb. 9-11. At this conference, students were able to see numerous productions from high schools around the state. ThesCon offered various workshops to choose from such as acting, makeup, musical theatre, backstage, creative writing, leaders…

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Cameron Daniel

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    “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
    The first Star Wars movie, “The Empire Strikes Back” was established by George Lucas in 1977. Since then there have
  • Lights, Camera, Black History!
    Throughout history, African Americans have offered thousands of contributions that have aided the shaping of AmericaR
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    Youth Art Month
    The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts held the opening reception of Youth Art Month Sunday, Fed. 28 from 2 to 4:
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    Devon From Harveys
    On Sept. 16, 2015, Devon Lynch posted a video of him  singing “Bump and Grind” over the intercom at the Harveys whe
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    Join FCCLA
    Family Career Community Leaders of America is a club Lowndes High students should join to enhance their high school expe
  • One Tree Hill, More Like the One and Only Love of My Life
    The television show, One Tree Hill, is a series about the erratic lives of several teenagers that attend Tree Hill High


  • Dancing the Night Away
    LHS students danced the night away Saturday Sept. 23 at the 2017 Homecoming dance. Student council members were excused
  • Defeating the Blue Devils
    The LHS basketball team played one of their big time rival, Tift County High School, on Jan 20.   The Varsity boys
  • Work Based Learning: Yay or Nay?
    Work-Based Learning is a program that allows students to leave campus for a job or internship. Available to juniors and
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    Lowndes Landscaping Project
    On Friday, March 11, Lowndes students pitched in to work on the landscaping in front of the cafeteria. This landscaping
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    Man Buns, the Only Real Happiness in Life
    Man buns, starting back in 2014 with Jared Leto, has become a trending hairstyle for men with long hair. The man bun has
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    Join FGE
    If the students in Lowndes High were to be asked about Future Georgia Educators, most of them would not know what it was


  • Dancing the Night Away
    LHS students danced the night away Saturday Sept. 23 at the 2017 Homecoming dance. Student council members were excused
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    Don’t be Mean, Go Green
    Recycling on Lowndes High’s campus is not a new concept. In fact, Mary Ann Hand, ninth grade literature teacher, start
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    A Day in the Life of Amy Carter
    From State Representative to Lowndes High teacher, Amy Carter continues to serve Lowndes County. When students think of
  • Prom Preparation
    Prom, on April 23, is just around the corner. Some important aspects of prom are having a dress,  a suit and a date. Th
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    Perfect Pumps or Permanent Health Issues?
    Most women love shoes; especially high heels. Whether it is for business wear, casual wear, beauty or simply for a boost
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    Military or College, Why Not Both?
    For seniors, it is time to make the hardest decision of their life so far, and choose a path for their future. Most avoi


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    Students in drama club attended the Thespian Conference in Columbus, Ga. The LHS Drama club attended the Thespian Confer
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    Vex Robotics State/Regional Championship
    LHS students use their skills in robotics engineering to compete in the Vex Robotics competition. On Jan. 21, the Vex Ro
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    Starting Fresh at LHS
    We welcome the new and returning teachers. Lowndes high school welcomes several new teachers for the 2016-2017 academic
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    Two Teams, United in Christ
    LHS students come together to honor a lost student. Lowndes High School students, teachers and staff gathered together a
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    Campus Beautification
    Students, faculty and business sponsors help LHS to create a new look. Over 60 volunteers helped Lowndes High School wit
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    Writers Block or Writers Rock?
    The LHS Saga editors, Spencer Pipkin, Callie Pirkle and Mackenzie Hagen, went to the GSPA Awards Conference in Athens, G



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    #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter
    The political movements #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter affect Lowndes High School students. We are constantly inu
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    Thrift Shopping
    Thrift shopping is my only hobby. Thrift stores is obviously not everyone’s style. However, there is many types of clo
  • The Reason I am Late to Class
    As we all know, all the students at LHS always forget how to walk between classes. I completely understand meeting your
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    Gun Control Has No Control
    Gun control- the topic of every session of congress, presidential debate and now Lowndes High Administration. As the sch
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    McDonald’s, A True Miracle
    McDonald’s is made out to be an awful fast food restaurant. Some people even ban it from their diets, and to anyone wh
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    Lowndes High Lunch Period
    Many of Lowndes High School students have made complaints about how short the lunch period is. The lunch time at LHS is


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